Drag Queen Ada Vox was a semi-finalist and Top 8 contestant on last season’s ABC reboot of American Idol. Her appearance was a first for the show. Vox auditioned for American Idol in 2013 when she was known as Adam Sanders, but he was eliminated after Hollywood week. Shortly thereafter, the threats on social media began. During the auditions for this year’s show, Adam told the judges that people had attacked his weight, his sexuality, that he sucked, and that he didn’t deserve to be on American Idol. “I let it get to me,” says Sanders, “and it killed me inside. I was contemplating lots of things that I shouldn’t have.” When he heard the show was coming to ABC this year, he decided to audition again but this time as his alter ego Ada Vox. “I was an okay singer then, but I’m a hundred times better now. I’m vocally stronger, I’m a better performer, and I’m way more prepared to take on the challenges that come with a competition like American Idol.” Ada Vox made history as the first Drag Queen ever to get all the way to the American Idol Top 8.