Thursday, November 2, 2017 8pm

Bonnie Kilroe returns to MA4 to entertain audiences with her hilarious tributes to 21 celebrity Divas.

With fabulous vocals and amazing transformations, Bonnie is a musical, comedy genius who takes her audience on a thrilling entertainment ride, as she showcases celebrities from past to present. Bringing us characters like Marilyn Monroe and Miley Cyrus and musical legends such as Cher and Tina Turner, Bonnie portrays these some of these idols remarkably close to the real stars while others are hilarious parodies.

Bonnie engages her audiences with her edgy style, comedic talent, good looks and great vocals. Her ability to encourage audience participation gives an added extra element of fun and surprise which adds up to a fantastic evening of entertainment. Watch comedy video as she changes into the next character….With one minute costume changes, this show is non-stop excitement!


• $20-$25 Reserved Seating
• $15 Per Person Food/Drink Minimum
• Doors Open At 6pm
• No Refunds/Exchanges


Bonnie is an award-winning celebrity impersonator bringing all your favorite DIVAS to back to MA4! You’ll see hilarious musical comedy celebrity Impersonations of everyone from Miley Cyrus to Marilyn, Edith Bunker to Cher, Dolly Parton and Julie Andrews…..21 impersonations in 90 minutes! Bonnie combines fabulous medleys of music, videos and physical comedy to produce a multimedia entertainment experience with surprising twists.

Bonnie uses her skill as a performer to encourage audience interaction, which always adds an extra element of novelty and surprise. Her natural comedic timing, striking looks and skillful singing all add to the cornucopia of entertainment. Watch Dolly Parton Twerkin’ 9-5 as well as authentic bang- on vocal impressions of the beloved Patsy Cline. You will get a little bit of everything!

Parodies and tributes with killer costumes & versatile vocals make for an unforgettable evening of pure entertainment! This is a one-woman show that will make your head spin.

“Bonnie is an ultimate entertainer who engages her audience in banter and comedy along with the amazing costumes and performance.

“What an amazing night, you were fabulous! You have a wonderful voice and captured everyone’s attention. The night was an big success for the chorus, and on behalf of all of the boys, thank you for being a big part of that! I hope to see you again soon.” -Vancouver Mens Chorus

Everyone that attended is still talking about the event! Everyone was thoroughly entertained and looking forward to having her back again.

The performance was like being in Las Vegas without leaving the comforts of our hometown!”

“It was fantastic! The crowd absolutely loved her and the audience interaction was great. From Marilyn to Cher the night was non-stop laughs. Her comedic spin on each character was truly entertaining. We would love to have the DIVAS back to Cascades Casino anytime.” -Tanya Gabara, Marketing Manager, Cascades Casino

“Bonnie you are absolutely amazing…the energy you put out and the stamina required to do your show is off the charts…Thank you so much for doing what you do”

“What an incredible show. Electric energy even though you might be feeling tired. You shine, girl.

The most amazing performance this side of Vegas. So very fortunate to have seen her, switching celebrities as fast as the rest of us channel surf. See her before Las Vegas claims her for their very best!”