Chris Hassett has been singing for six decades now and he still can’t wait to get up in front of his next audience and sing his heart out! Chris didn’t grow up in a musical family exactly — just a music-filled home. Like a lot of Baby Boomers, he caught the waves of popular music just right — grooved with Elvis in the 50s, danced to the Beatles and the Beach Boys, discovered the political power of music through Dylan and Baez, marveled at the songwriting talents of Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Bacharach, and so many more, was seduced by Bowie and throughout all those eras he maintained an abiding love for Classical, Broadway, Oldies, and the Great American Songbook. Oh, he just downloaded Taylor Swift’s new album, too!

In his 60th year, Hassett finally began his recording career (2009) and now has four strong albums he’s exceedingly proud of — most recently, Just in Time, a collection of jazz standards featuring some top musicians. A new album will be released in late 2015.

His albums (available through my website, iTunes, and other online music retailers) reveal a lot of who he is. In fact, his music tells his story. Many of the original songs reveal deeply personal episodes in Chris’ life — joy and sorrow, celebration and defeat, love and loss. He hopes you’ll take the time to learn more about his music and to discover his passion for delivering positive, heartwarming messages through song.