19 October 2020


Hello everyone:

This has been a year none of us could have expected and has given us a new perspective on all we hold dear. After much deliberation about how to reopen and survive the COVID era, we have concluded there is simply no real viable path forward for Martinis Above Fourth and decided to close the business and file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection.

Instead of focusing on COVID or the many challenges facing our industry that led us to this difficult conclusion, we would rather take this opportunity thank to the staff, customers, artists, and everyone that walked through our doors all these years.

First, to our entire hardworking staff. We spent an incredible amount of time together through the last 10 years and through major ups and downs, but always as a team dedicated to each other and our guests.

To customers that supported us for 10 years repeatedly, through our community events, fundraisers for various great causes, and most of all for the incredible friendships we developed.

To all artists that blessed our stage with their presence. We will never forget all the music, comedy, and everything in between that lightened up our stage and the incredible talent you all brought to us and our customers.

Although it is a hard blow to us and the entire MA4 family, it is nothing compared to the huge number of people that have lost their lives, health, or someone that they love in this pandemic.

We will never forget the amazing memories we all made together, and we hope that you will not forget us.


Martinis Above Fourth | Table + Stage