Do you have what it takes?

Martinis Above Fourth | Table + Stage is a family of employees.  If you think you have what it takes to join our team, please download our application via the link below.  Although we might not have current open positions, we gladly accept applications from qualified individuals 365 days of the week!

PLEASE NOTE: Applications are accepted IN PERSON ONLY during regular business operation hours.

We want to meet you and speak to you personally so applications sent via email will not be considered.

Martinis Above Fourth | Table + Stage has a zero tolerance policy for illegal drug use.  If you do illegal drugs do not apply.

Download An Application

Our Mission Statement

It is the goal of Martinis Above Fourth | Table + Stage to provide an exceptional experience for our customers in a clean and inviting environment.  We will accomplish this by providing consistent premier service, and food and beverages of the highest quality.  Our customers should be made to feel welcomed and special by all employees at all times.  It is the responsibility of every employee to provide this experience.

Our goal is to achieve an environment that fosters a sense of pride in each team member.  While maintaining a high level of professionalism at all times, we still want to have fun with our customers and co-workers.  Remembering that our customer is why we are in business, our own problems must be left outside when we arrive and should not be recognizable when we step onto the floor for business.  In this business, all employees are on stage and all employees are Martinis Above Fourth.

The Martinis Above Fourth | Table + Stage Credo

  • We believe our success is in direct proportion to the service we provide for our customers and our community
  • We believe in and we respect the individual integrity, the personal rights, and the dignity of each individual working in our organization
  • We believe the foundation of our organization is based on truth and honesty in all our dealings with employees, suppliers, and our customers
  • We believe in providing equal opportunities to all team members for personal success.  We expect each team member to strive for excellence in accomplishing our daily tasks and our long-term goals
  • We believe that each of us is interdependent and that by living by the “golden rule” we can build goodwill, lasting friendships and provide benefits to everyone.  We also believe that  while we must be for ourselves first, we cannot be for ourselves alone?
  • We consider the word “empathy” in all our dealings with our friends, families, business associates, and customers — and place ourselves in the other person’s position before taking actions and making judgments and decisions.

The Martinis Above Fourth | Table + Stage Pledge

I pledge that I shall regard my working space as I regard myself – with pride and with a feeling of personal responsibility, with the same high standards I set for my own grooming and appearance. That I will prepare all food and beverages with care to both quality and display, knowing that I bestow value upon it by my actions.  That I will practice The Golden Rule of Business looking at everything as another might see it, making sure it is the way I would want to have it appear to me.