Want to book a show or play a gig at MA4?

We program a wide spectrum of performers and musical styles including cabaret, vocal jazz & American Songbook as well as comedy and other performance art. At this time, we do not book DJs, rap artists, rock bands, or non-vocal performances.

We accept submissions for two specific entertainment capacities:

  • Main Stage Ticketed Cabaret Shows – These are 75-90 minute performances in which tickets are sold in advance.
  • MA4 Live! No Cover Entertainment  – These are 3 hour gigs with continuous sets.

Because our goal is to provide our patronage with some of the finest shows in San Diego, our standards are high and it behooves us to review all performer enquiries.  Therefore, we’d love to see a video clip and get an idea of what type of show you’d like to present at our club.  We are seeking professional performers who have had at least 5 years in the business, based in the San Diego area, who have played rooms and halls in the past, who can easily draw 100 or more patrons, and willing to charge at least a $20 cover.

Here’s some information that’s helpful for you to know.


We take exceptional care of our performers from the very start. We pride ourselves on providing clear, consistent and timely communication, a nurturing environment, and award-winning professional and technical support. We have great respect for every performer who appears on our stage and are committed to helping them shine.


Our shows are presented on Thursday: 8pm (Doors Open at 6pm) 
Other options may include Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday: 8pm (Doors Open at 6pm)


We promote our venue for our shows in general through the web, social network sites, publications, eNewsletters, and mass media eblasts. Each performer is responsible for promoting their own show and we expect at least 100 guests from them. We prefer to book local artists with a strong following and an aggressive marketing strategy. Non-local performers have a difficult time drawing an audience and both parties suffer as a result.  Unless you have a strong following that will definitely come to see you, please keep that in mind.

Our contribution to overall marketing efforts in promoting the venue include:

  • Weekly eNewsletter blasts to our thousands of subscribers
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter) messaging to fans
  • Email blasts to our extensive media outlet and online calendar list
  • Press releases on regular basis
  • Advertising in various local publications
  • BroadwayWorld.com

The performers who succeed in filling the house have utilized these tools: a great social media presence, a large email list, phone calls, and/or collaborations with other performers who they bring up as guests.


MA4 is a fully equipped live performing arts venue with professional stage and lighting.  We have a grand piano on stage for use during the performance. All other musical instruments must be brought in.


Info upon discussion


Each submission is carefully considered based on multiple variables. In order to get a better understanding of your act and musical genre we ask that you submit the following:

  • Your genre/type of performance
  • What date range you are interested in booking
  • Links to sites and media (including EPKs and websites)
  • Music/video files including links to YouTube or other video files
  • Other venues where you’ve performed

When emailing, please put “Submission” and the artist’s name in the subject line and the following necessary information in the body of the email for us to review your submission.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of submissions that we receive each week, please be patient as we may not be able to respond to your email right away.

Thank you for your interest in helping keep the arts alive in San Diego!