Martinis Above Fourth | Table + Stage is located in Hillcrest at 3940 Fourth Avenue between Washington Street and University Avenue. The venue phone number is 619-400-4500 ex 3.

  • Seating capacity is 140 people (100 people in the main show room, 40 in the lounge/bar area.)
  • Stage is 19.5’ wide x 7’ deep and 12” tall. NOTE: when not in use, the grand piano sits on stage and consumes approximately 6’ of the stage’s width.
  • Due to limited space on the stage and licensing restrictions, a maximum of four (4) people are permitted to be on stage at any given time during a performance. Any exceptions to this limit must be approved by the venue.
  • No artist will be permitted to sit on top of the piano or place any items on the piano without written consent from venue management.


A dressing room is located behind the stage providing two mirrors with sufficient lighting, dressing and makeup table, wardrobe rack, sofa and balcony area. Note: restrooms are nearby, but not in the dressing room area.  Shower facilities are not available.


  • 16 Channel Mackie Sound Board with Effects
  • 3 JBL Monitors
  • 3 Shure SLX Cordless Microphones
  • 1 Corded Shure Beta 87C Vocal Microphone
  • 1 Shure Super 55 Vocal Microphone (with stand)
  • 4 Vertical Vocal Microphone Stands
  • 2 Boom Microphone Stands
  • 3 HD Direct (DI) Boxes
  • 1 Kohler & Campbell 6’ Grand Piano
  • 1 Clavinova CVP-405 Digital Piano
  • 4 Music Stands
  • 3 Wooden 36” Stools
  • 1 Small Round Stage Table
  • Additional XLR and ¼” Cords and Inputs Available.
  • Dimmable stage lighting with basic color washes, basic front lighting and one special (non-follow) spot.


Martinis Above Fourth | Table + Stage reserves the right to market and advertise the show by any means as deemed necessary to promote and sell the performance. This includes, but is not limited to; print media, on-line advertising, social network posts, in-house video and audio advertising and television commercials.

All contracted artists agree to provide Martinis Above Fourth | Table + Stage with images, photos and artist bios in order to produce marketing elements. All contracted artists also agree to participate in any reasonable request to promote the show via print interviews, radio/audio interviews and/or television appearances.