With just one visit to a show, it’s easy to see why James Tormé has become one of the world’s most celebrated music artists. As natural a singer as you will ever hear, he uses his creamy, floaty voice to reinvent everything from originals to jazz classics, and take them to the next level.

The multi-award winning pop/jazz star (the son of 3-time Grammy Award-winner and jazz legend Mel Tormé) is blessed with the ability to interpret melody and lyrics with stunning versatility and ‘scat-sing’ as well as anyone on Earth. A bridge between tradition and revolution, Tormé dives into rhythmic and melodic mash-ups with the freedom of an instrumentalist (à la Anita O’Day or Ella Fitzgerald), using his ready wit to share precious bits of Hollywood folklore along the way.

A master storyteller, James can bring an audience to tears in one moment and get a huge laugh in the next. And like all great entertainers, he makes it all seem effortless. With these kinds of capabilities, it’s no mystery as to why the media see him as ‘the very embodiment of old school charm meets new school swagger,’ and ‘one of the most extraordinary singers of a generation.’

Whether headlining jazz festivals, featuring with major orchestras, or appearing at venerable jazz haunts, Tormé treats every occasion the same. It’s the quality that ensures he’ll always be found performing to capacity crowds.

“I respect every show equally,” explains Tormé. “If folks are going to spend an evening with me, I want it to be one they’ll never forget.”