We seat 140 persons for our ticketed shows (100 people in the main showroom, with an additional 40 in the lounge/bar area.)
Our stage is 19.5′ wide x 7′ deep. Stage sits 12′ above floor level and is 9′ to ceiling. When not in use, the grand piano sits on stage and consumes approximately 6′ of the stage’s width.
Lights & Sound
  • Professional sound system with 16 channel Mackie mixer
  • 3 – Stage monitors
  • 4 – Vertical vocal microphone stands
  • 3 – Boom microphone stands
  • 1 – Corded Shure Beta 87C vocal microphone,
  • 1 – Shure Super 55 vocal microphone (with stand)
  • 3 – Shure SM58 cordless microphones
  • 2 – Shure Beta 87c Supercardoid microphones
  • 4 – HD Direct (DI) Boxes,
  • 1 – Kohler & Campbell 6′ Grand piano
  • 1 – Clavinova CVP-405 Digital Piano
  • Additional XLR and ¼” cords and inputs available
 Other Equipment
  • 6 – Music stands
  • 3 – Wooden stool
  • 1 – Small round stage table
  • 1 – Tip jar
  • Misc. items can be arranged through written agreement
Dressing Rooms
A dressing room is located behind the stage providing two mirrors with sufficient lighting, dressing and makeup table, wardrobe rack, sofa and balcony area. Note: restrooms are nearby, but not in the dressing room area. Shower facilities are not available.
  • Due to limited space on the stage and licensing restrictions, a maximum of four (4) people are permitted to be on stage at any given time during a performance. Any exceptions to this limit must be approved by Martinis Above Fourth | Table + Stage and its designate management.
  • The use of full drum sets may be prohibited and must be discussed with the technical staff prior to any performance.
  • No artist will be permitted to sit on top of the piano or place any items on the piano without written consent of management.